Für IRB Rescue Teams

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Part No MCMPG-100-1, MCMPG-100-2, MCMPG-100-3

Valve adaptors available: Arancia, Achilless, Zodiac, MCM, Halkey Roberts, SRS

Use: The MCM inflation gauges come in 3 versions

#1 is gauge and valve fitting.

#2 is gauge, valve fittings, and ball valve with compressor fitting, so you can inflate and read the actual pressure at the same time. (this is the most popular version)

#3 is the universal gauge, with compressor fittings, a quick convert air coupling, and 4 quick convert adaptors, to suit any brand of IRB. The quick connect fittings allow for ease of changing from inflating one brand of IRB to another in only a few seconds. Some clubs own three different brands of IRB, so this was a popular choice of inflation gauge.  Midcoast Marine design and manufacture inflation fittings to suit any brand of boat valve.

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